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The Cardigan Brigade is all about careers, work, business and how we feel about it all. My dad, Graham, used to call the HR depts he worked with (He was a training consultant) The Cardigan Brigade, partly, I think because they often seemed to spoil his fun!

I founded this newsletter as ‘Freelance Feels’ so the archive also has a lot about being self-employed, but it’s now about all careers, all business life, coaching and work.

I am an ACC-accredited careers and business coach, as well as a journalist with 20+ years experience - I bring insight from both to this newsletter, and share tips, advice and the occasional guest voice, too.

Please do also come find me on Instagram: @jennyhollidaycareercoach

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Career and business coach Jenny Holliday shares her thoughts and experiences of career, business, work/life balance and all the things in between. Why 'The Cardigan Brigade'? My dad used to call HR the Cardigan Brigade. Insta: @jennyhollidaycareercoach


I'm Jenny Holliday - formerly Stallard - and I'm a career happiness coach and experienced journalist and writer exploring all things work, careers and happiness. Lots of my own stories and advice for getting career happy!